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After more than a decade and several successful builds in the Saltwater Reef hobby, I’ve decided to jump ship (for a little bit) and try my hand at this planted tank thang. For real. Not the little low tech 7g cube I’ve posted about here, but a proper, large aquarium. So time for a new planted tank build!

I set up the little 7g cube that I’ve been fooling around with to kind of dip my toe in and start familiarizing myself with freshwater planted practices. But it’s really just scratching the surface. For the big tank, I’m going all in!

So, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the basics of this build.

Those are the “knowns”. Now onto the unknowns…

  • Filtration: Thinking of starting with a Fluval FX6 and possibly adding a second one later if needed. Or maybe Oase 600 filter.
  • Co2: 10lb tank? And Dual Stage Regulator needed. Suggestions welcome.
  • Heater: Possibly something in-line? Definitely in line with the Oase since that’s a feature.
  • Water Changes: Leaning towards setting up some sort of Auto Water Change system like I usually do, but will need to move a lot more water.

Fish, Plants and Scape style:

Going for more of a nature-scape, Amano type of thing but maybe not so plant heavy. A good amount of hardscape with a large branch. Or some REALLY large stones. I’m not really sure. I think I’m just going to have to feel it out. I’d really like to try Discus. But I know they prefer warmer water which limits plant selection. So I’ll be talking with the guys at ADG here in Houston to help figure that out.

It will probably have a pretty asymmetrical setup, partly to help hide equipment in the tank, and partly because the tank is being located close to a corner of the room.

Which brings me to the final part of my first post of this new planted tank build… the tank location. The tank will be located on this empty wall, next to the large sliding glass doors, behind the sofa.

Location for the new planted tank build, behind the sofa to the left of the windows
New tank location behind the sofa, to the left of the windows.
New tank location on the blank wall to the right of the sofa.
New tank location on the blank wall to the right of the sofa.
Tank goes here!
Boom. Tank goes here!

That’s it for now! Comments and suggestions appreciated.
I had reefing down pat, but I’m a newb with planted so we’ll see how this goes and hopefully it’s not an epic fail!

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