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    Tank, Lights, Action!

    Well, not much action yet, but at least we have a tank and lights! GHL Mitras LX7 The lights went up first. I needed access to the back of the stand and it is a whole lot easier to move the stand WITHOUT a large glass aquarium sitting on top. I went with the GHL Mitras LX7. These are the new 4-cluster units and the leds are selected specifically for freshwater planted. The model is 7004. I’ve used the saltwater version over my reef tanks in the past and have always been very pleased. Here is an unboxing video that shows the light and what comes with it, as well…

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    Oase Biomaster 600 Thermo

    Now that the stand is complete, it’s time to start adding equipment. The first and most important thing I needed to decide on was the filtration. I went back and forth between a few different canister filters but finally decided on the Oase Biomaster 600 Thermo. Two of them. The Oase Biomaster 600 is the largest canister filter that Oase offers. They advertise a max flow rate of around 1250 l/ph or 330 gph. Since my tank is 5′ long (143g) I decided it would be best to have two for proper flow throughout the aquarium. This will also allow me to clean on an alternating schedule. One canister will…

  • Personal Aquariums,  REVIEWS

    Building the Waterbox Clear Pro Stand

    We found the perfect spot for the new Waterbox Clear Pro aquarium, so now it’s time to build the stand! The stand is from Waterbox and it’s designed to fit the new Waterbox Clear Pro 6025 tank perfectly. Gathering the pieces: Here is the hardware as supplied from Waterbox Aquariums. Next we had to bring all the pieces in from the garage. And there was a lot! Let’s build! You start with the base. There are A LOT of leveling feet.The instructions are bit lacking. They are illustrated steps, nice and clear but almost zero mention of any of the hardware.If you’ve put IKEA together before, it shouldn’t be a…

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