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    Planted Tank Automatic Water Change Overview

    Time for a long overdue overview of how I set up my Auto Water Change (AWC) and Auto Top-Off (ATO) systems! First, let’s start off with the major components. The most important component of my Auto Water Change system is the GHL Profilux Controller, seen here. In the case of the AWC (Auto Water Change), I created a Timer. 8x per day, the Profilux turns on the AWC pump for a specified amount of time.The Profilux also controls the ATO (Auto Top-Off). The water level in the tank needs to be monitored, so I installed an optical level sensor.The level sensor is seen here on the right. It’s held in…

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    Chaetomorpha Algae: Nature’s Filter!

    Why use Chaeto? What I like about using Chaetomorpha Algae is that it pulls out massive amounts of nutrients. So much so that you may run into a problem with it pulling out too much! I have mangroves in another tank, and I’ve had other macroalgae before, but nothing is the workhorse that is Chaetomorpha. It truly is nature’s filter! What’s needed? Nutrients Chaetomorpha Algae (commonly referred to as Chaeto) is a plant and plants need food. The excess nutrients in your water feeds the Chaeto. If you don’t have any excess nutrients your Cheato will not grow. The main goal of growing Chaeto is to reduce nutrients. If you…

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    Thinking of moving your Saltwater Reef Aquarium?

    Sometimes life changes. It can change in a way that requires your beautiful reef aquarium, that you have poured your heart and soul (and a lot of cash!) into, to be torn down and moved to a new home. It may seem like a daunting task, but a little thought and planning can ease pain and suffering. There are a few different approaches you can take that will just require you to make some decisions on what will be best for you and your livestock. I hope that this article can provide some insight into the mayhem that is moving an aquarium. So when you have to go through the…

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