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    My New 60g Cade Reef Tank

    Another tank! My previous article, “The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience” showcased my experience with ordering and picking up “The Package” from TBS. I’ve used them to start all of my previous saltwater reef aquariums and this one was going to be no different. Welcome to my newest build… the “Mixed Reefalicious Cade 600“, a Cade 600 S2 Reef Tank. It’s been a while since my previous tank. And even longer since my previous saltwater reef tank. We sold our house and moved into a rental property for a little over a year while we built a new house. Then moved into the new house and got settled before I finally…

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    The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience

    I’ve been a Tampa Bay Saltwater customer for more than a decade now and have started at least half a dozen saltwater reef aquariums using their rock, sand, and clean-up crew. TBS is an amazing asset and resource for hobbyists in the USA. In this article, I hope to offer some insight into their product/service, take you on a little journey, and show you what it’s like to purchase “The Package”. Who is Tampa Bay Saltwater? Tampa Bay Saltwater (TBS) is a small family-run outfit based in Tampa, Florida that was started nearly 40 years ago by Richard Londeree, who recently handed the reigns over to two young Florida-native siblings,…

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    After more than a decade and several successful builds in the Saltwater Reef hobby, I’ve decided to jump ship (for a little bit) and try my hand at this planted tank thang. For real. Not the little low tech 7g cube I’ve posted about here, but a proper, large aquarium. So time for a new planted tank build! I set up the little 7g cube that I’ve been fooling around with to kind of dip my toe in and start familiarizing myself with freshwater planted practices. But it’s really just scratching the surface. For the big tank, I’m going all in! So, let’s get on with the show, shall we? Here’s…

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    Video of My 120g Elos Mixed Reef Aquarium

    This is a 2 year old saltwater reef aquarium. The tank is the Elos 120XL Diamond Line with “Quiet Drain” overflow. It was started with live rock and sand from Tampa Bay Saltwater, as are all of my reef tanks. The filtration consists of a berlin style sump and refugium from LifeReef, along with a LifeReef Skimmer. This system is controlled by a GHL Profilux 4 controller. Dosing the big three (Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium) is accomplished with the GHL Doser 2.1 dosing unit. Lighting is provided by 3 Radion G4 Pro LEDs from Ecotech Marine. Additional flow is also provide by Ecotech Marine via two Vortech MP40w powerheads. For…

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