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    After more than a decade and several successful builds in the Saltwater Reef hobby, I’ve decided to jump ship (for a little bit) and try my hand at this planted tank thang. For real. Not the little low tech 7g cube I’ve posted about here, but a proper, large aquarium. So time for a new planted tank build! I set up the little 7g cube that I’ve been fooling around with to kind of dip my toe in and start familiarizing myself with freshwater planted practices. But it’s really just scratching the surface. For the big tank, I’m going all in! So, let’s get on with the show, shall we? Here’s…

  • Personal Aquariums

    7 Gallon Betta Tank – It Begins!

    Hi there! I was about to jump head first into the world of hi-tech planted tanks (coming from over a decade in Reef tanks) but the new Waterbox Clear Pro I plan on using won’t be shipping for a few months so in the interim I decided to set up a little planted Betta tank. The Setup After some back and forth on tank size, I picked up an Ultum Nature Systems 30c from Aquarium Design Group (ADG) in Houston, along with some river stones and a few sticks. Lightly planted and low tech is the plan for this tank. For a filter, I’m just using one of those little…

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