WELCOME TO WATER AND LENS! The focus here is mainly on the Aquarium hobby, both saltwater reef and freshwater planted. But you’ll also find some photography tips that apply to the aquarium hobby. Who doesn’t like to show off all their hard work?! 😉 My hope is that this blog can inspire, teach, expose you to new things and ideas, or maybe just offer an alternate view on a subject! As this blog grows, you’ll find all kinds of tips and tricks, reviews of products that I currently use or have used in the past, posts that follow my own personal journey in the world of aquariums, different ways to enjoy the hobby, articles about others in the industry, and much more.

So take a look around and keep checking back! Hopefully it will be worth your while. I also love to interact with the community so please comment or send me a message. And subscribe to my youtube channel and instagram, too!

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