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    After more than a decade and several successful builds in the Saltwater Reef hobby, I’ve decided to jump ship (for a little bit) and try my hand at this planted tank thang. For real. Not the little low tech 7g cube I’ve posted about here, but a proper, large aquarium. So time for a new planted tank build! I set up the little 7g cube that I’ve been fooling around with to kind of dip my toe in and start familiarizing myself with freshwater planted practices. But it’s really just scratching the surface. For the big tank, I’m going all in! So, let’s get on with the show, shall we? Here’s…

  • Personal Aquariums

    Betta Tank July 2018

    It’s been a while since the last update, but this low tech Betta Tank is cruising along. Although the Betta behavior changed and he’s not eating well. The Betta situation has been interesting. He was doing great, then his behavior changed. First, he seemed to become quite anti-social! This sounds funny, but it’s true. He likes to go inside the rock structure and he spends much of the day in there. He has also become a bit listless. If he is out and about, he tends to be just sitting on the substrate. And finally, it’s like he became blind and dumb when it comes to food. If I drop…

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