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    What camera do I need to photograph my aquarium?

    You want to take pics of your aquarium and you have come to the realization that your smartphone just isn’t cutting it. Congratulations! There is hope for you yet. I’ll try to answer the question, “What camera should I get?” or at least get you moving in the right direction. Shiny, expensive new toys are always fun. But as aquarium enthusiasts, we know that much of our disposable income is going towards those beautiful aquariums. Photography is another disposable income black hole and if you are not careful, you run the risk of getting sucked right in. I’m a professional photographer myself so the last thing I want to do…

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    Why RAW is AWESOME and why YOU should use it.

    I get a lot of questions from the reef community about my aquatic photography. People always want to know what settings I use and what equipment I own. I can answer that very easily, but it’s not really going to help anyone. Settings are changing constantly depending on what I’m shooting, and any DSLR and macro lens will work just fine. What I try to tell people but it usually doesn’t sink in, is if you already have the basics of photography down, shooting in RAW and learning how to process your own photos will make the biggest difference. Hands down. You can be shooting with the best DSLR and…

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    Take your pics from ho-hum to awesome with Lightroom in just a few simple steps!

    So you see all these great photos posted online and you want to show your tank off, too! You figure your phone is limiting you so you go out and purchase a digital SLR camera and lens. You throw it into “Auto”, take some pictures of your tank and to your dismay, they don’t look much better than before! Well, your first problem may be using that Auto setting, but that is a discussion that deserves its own post. You probably have about as much patience as I do, which isn’t much, so for now let’s skip that and work with what we’ve got, which is an image that was…

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